My lover’s hair

  Thanks to the polisemy of some terms, this nice strophe ostensibly is about the vicissitudes of the beloved’s hair, while at the same time covertly evoking the tribulations of the ascetics ensnared by worldly allurements, of which feminine hair is the very epitome. Through the speech figure of samāsokti the strophe may as well mean:

«Giving up affections, inhaling smoke, the agreeable tonsured ascetics are walking on the path of liberation; but because of lingering on hither shore of saṁsāra they are fettered again. Alas, how hard it is to get rid of worldly attachments!»

Shedding ointment, drinking moisture
My lover's hair flutters undone

Soon again to be tied lest it cling to the loins

Alas! to a sticky end
It comes through stickiness!