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india India

Centre of Advanced Study in Sanskrit (CASS) (Poona University)
CASS was established in 1964 as an independent research oriented department in the University of Pune for promoting higher studies in Sanskrit learning, and especially in the fields of Veda, Vyākaraṇa, Nyāya and Mīmāṁsā.

Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan
A deemed university for the propagation of Sanskrit learning and research, with 10 campuses all over India.

Muktabodha Indological Research Institute
An indo-american centre dedicated to the study of the philosophical and religious traditions of India, focusing on publication and translation of Sanskrit texts (particularly in the fields of Shaiva and Shakta tantric traditions); preservation and dissemination of rare texts and manuscripts; and sponsorship of traditional schools of Vedic studies in India. The site includes an online digital library featuring the Kashmir Series of Texts and Studies.

Academy of Sanskrit Research (ASR) (Melkote)
ASR was set up in Melkote in 1978 with the specific aim of promoting serious scholarship in Indian philosophy, particularly the Vedantic systems, by seeking to blend modern research methods with the traditional approach to these subjects.

Banaras Hindu University
Home page of the Kāśī Hindū Viśvavidyālaya, founded in 1916 «to promote the study of the Hindu Shastras and of Sanskrit literature as means of preserving and popularizing the best thought and culture of the Hindus».

Rajasthan Oriental Research Institute (RORI)
Established with the aim to survey, collect, preserve and edit the rich patrimony of manuscripts in Sanskrit, Prakrit, Aprabhamsha, Rajasthani and other languages.

Institute of Asian Studies (Madras)
Departments of Tamil, Kannada, Japanese, Manuscriptology, Telugu, Buddhism and Folklore.

italy Italy

Facoltà di Studi Orientali (Università di Roma “La Sapienza”)
Gli insegnamenti, i docenti, la sezione indologica con la “Webgrafia indica” e l’archivio di testi elettronici “Gandharvanāgaram”.

Dipartimento di Scienze dell’Antichità - Indologia (Università degli Studi di Milano)
Gli insegnamenti, i docenti, l’attività di ricerca, i convegni e seminari.

Istituto per l’Africa e l’Oriente (IsIAO)
Istituito di recente (1995), vanta nondimeno «una storia lunga e autorevole, in quanto è il risultato dell’unione di due istituti di fama internazionale, l’Istituto italo-africano (IIA) e l’Istituto italiano per il Medio ed Estremo Oriente (IsMEO), dei quali continua a perseguire le finalità, salvaguardandone il patrimonio di competenza ed esperienze».

france France

École Française d’Extrème Orient (EFEO)
Présentation des activités de recherche des différentes sections de l’établissement, y-inclus les centres indologiques de Pondichéry et Poona.

French Institute of Pondicherry (IFP – Institut Français de Pondichéry)
A research centre of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, carrying out indological research in the three fields of Indian analyses of Sanskrit language and literature, History of religions and Tamil Studies.

germany Germany

Asien-Afrika Institut - Abteilung für Kultur und Geschichte Indiens und Tibet (Universität Hamburg)
Personal, Schriftenreihen, Forschungsbericht, Projecte usw.
The Nepal-German Manuscript Cataloguing Project
«The Nepalese-German Manuscript Cataloguing Project was launched in April 2002, with the purpose of preparing a comprehensive descriptive catalogue of the more than 180,000 Nepalese manuscripts microfilmed under the Nepal-German Manuscript Preservation Project.»

Seminar für Indologie und Vergleichende Religionswissenschaft (Universität Tübingen)
Gesamtinformation und Forschungsprojecte.

Institut für Indologie u. Südasienwissenschaft (Universität Halle-Wittenberg)
South Asia Research Documentation Services (SARDS)
«SARDS3 ist eine Online-Datenbank, die, aufbauend auf SARDS2, nach Abschluß etwa 93.000 Literaturzitate bibliographisch unselbständiger Forschungsarbeiten aus Zeitschriften, Kongreßbänden, Festschriften und sonstigen Sammelschriften auf den Gebieten Indologie und Südasienwissenschaften umfassen wird. Mit SARDS3 soll eine annähernd vollständige Dokumentation der gesamten im Zeitraum von 1797 bis 2000 unselbständig erschienenen südasienwissenschaftlichen Forschungsliteratur erreicht werden.»

Südasien-Institut (SAI) (Universität Heidelberg)
Gesamtinformation über die verschiedenen Abteilungen des SAI und ihre Forschung.
Virtuelle Fachbibliothek Südasien (SAVIFA)
Informationsportal für die Südasienwissenschaften.

Institut für Indologie (Universität Mainz)
Gesamtinformation und Forschungsprojecte.

Institut für Indische Philologie und Kunstgeschichte (Universität Berlin)
Gesamtinformation und Forschungsprojecte.

austria Austria

Institut für Kultur- u. Geistesgeschichte Asiens (IKGA - Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften)
Informationen über Institut, Projecte, Publicationen usw.
The Tantrikābhidhānakośa Project
A cooperative project to produce a Sanskrit dictionary of Hindu tantric terms.

switzerland Switzerland

Abteilung für Indologie (Universität Zurich)
Gesamtinformation, Textarchive und Internet-adressen.

Langues et civilisations orientales (Université de Lausanne)
Information générale, collaborateurs, recherche, liens.
International Association of Buddhist Studies
The International Association of Buddhist Studies (IABS) is a learned society dedicated to promoting and supporting scholarship in Buddhist Studies in a spirit of non-sectarian tolerance and with scientific research and communication as preeminent objectives. Including a link to its journal JIABS.

netherlands Netherlands

International Institute of Asian Studies (IIAS) (Universiteit Leiden)
The Dutch gateway to networked information on Asian studies.

Institute of Indian Studies (Universiteit Groningen)
General information on courses and research.

czech Czech Republic

Homepage of the Seminar of Indian Studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague, featuring a database of Indian plant names, a searchable database of kāvyas.
Pandanus Journal
A biannual peer-reviewed international journal publishing original research papers in English on nature symbolism in Literature, Art, Myth and Ritual.

sweden Sweden

Swedish South Asian Studies Network (SASNET)
A gateway to South Asian research in Sweden..

united kingdom United Kingdom

School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS) (London University)
Info on study and research and access to library.

The Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies (Oxford University)
«The principal aim of the Centre, founded in 1997, is the study of Hindu culture, religion, languages, literature, philosophy, history, arts and society, in all periods and in all parts of the world.» Courses, seminars, lectures, publications and research projects.

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united states United States

Library for South & Southeast Asian Studies (Columbia University)
Sections on Internet resources, online journals and newspapapers, collection guides and bibliographies, including:
South Asia Resource Access on the Internet (SARAI) (David Magier)
A huge collection of online resources for South Asia scholars, including libraries, reference tools and bibliographies, e-journals, e-news and e-books, and other resources sorted by country, organization and topic, as well as the
International Directory of South Asian Scholars (IDSAS)
A continuously-updated international directory containing records of individuals who have identified themselves as being involved in any aspect of South Asian Studies.
The Digital South Asia Library (DSAL)
A major digital library initiative of Columbia University, University of Chicago and Center for Research Libraries, containing digitized editions of texts, documents, reference sources, dictionaries, image archives, maps, etc.

Project South Asia (South Dakota State University)
A web-based digital library of teaching resources about South Asia, with emphasis on history, political science, international affairs, and geography (but also anthropology, archaeology, art history, economics, languages, literature, philosophy, religion, sociology, theatre and women’s studies).

The Penniman-Gribbel Collection of Sanskrit Manuscripts at Penn (University of Pennsylvania)
«A collection of almost 3000 Indic manuscripts, the largest in the Western hemisphere. The material is almost all from India, but a few items are from Burma,Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Tibet.» Catalogues and digital images of a selection of MSS.

Asian Studies Network Information Centre (ASNIC) (University of Texas)
Resources for Asian studies.

East Asian Libraries Cooperative WWW (Ohio University)
«The project’s goal is to support research on East Asia by creating electronic resources and developing web-based information services through cooperation among librarians, scholars and researchers, and by mirroring resources developed elsewhere to facilitate access».

australia Australia

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library (Matthew Ciolek – Australian National University)
A global collaborative project which provides access in bibliographic and in hypertext terms to networked scholarly documents, resources and information systems concerned with or relevant to Asian Studies.

Home University Centres and Institutes Libraries

Indology’s Homepage (Dominik Wujastyk & Richard Mahoney)
The website of the Indology mailing list. Access to the Indology archives, gopher and ftp file area, review papers, members’ queries, conference announcements, links to online resources for indologists and more.

International Association of Sanskrit Studies (IASS) (J. L. Brockington)
Some information and subscritpion details.

  2/1/2012  CESMEO - Istituto Internazionale di Studi Asiatici Avanzati
Fondato a Torino nel 1982, organizza corsi di lingue e culture orientali e promuove attività scientifica e divulgativa con l’organizzazione di mostre, conferenze e convegni..

  2/1/2012  Celso - Istituto di Studi Orientali
Fondato a Genova nel 1993, promuove ricerche interculturali e scambi con i paesi dell'Asia, attraverso la realizzazione di iniziative, attività formative, studi e l’attivazione ed apertura di spazi e servizi destinati alla fruizione pubblica.

American Oriental Society
Information on journal, publications, meetings and other news from the oldest learned society in the US.

Association for Asian Studies (AAS)
A scholarly, non-political, non-profit professional association open to all persons interested in Asia, seeking through publications, meetings, and seminars to facilitate contact and exchange of information among scholars.

Religions in South Asia (RISA)
The web site of the Religion in South Asia Section of the American Academy of Religion.

Asiatica Association (Enrica Garzilli)
«A non-profit, cultural association established in 1997 to promote and diffuse the study of Asian cultures... open to all bona fide scholars pursuing the knowledge of Asian countries and the encounter between Asian values, Human Rights values, and Western values». Publishers of the Journal of South Asia Women Studies and of the International Journal of Tantric Studies.

Un’associazione che riunisce «tutti coloro che, in Italia, studiano l’India moderna e contemporanea o che, quanto meno, hanno un interesse non episodico per la politica, l’economia, la società e la cultura dell’India moderna e contemporanea».

Società Indologica Luigi Pio Tessitori
“The Società Indologica «Luigi Pio Tessitori» was established in Udine on 29 November 1993 with the aim of furthering studies of Tessitori's work and bringing his unpublished writings - hitherto entrusted to his nephew, Dr. Peano, and deemed worthy of attention by acknowledged specialists - to press. The Società also aims to study the collection of Indian manuscripts in the custody of the «Vincenzo Joppi» Municipal Library in Udine and the private papers conserved at the residence of Tessitori's nephew, Dr. Guido Peano”.

Top Learned Societies Publishers and Booksellers
Top Libraries Bottom

Motilal Banarsidass
Leading Indian publishers on Sanskrit and Indology since 1903. Search facilities through more than 8,000 titles in 250 categories. Subject catalogues, bestsellers and evergreens, new releases, newsletter and more.

Chowkamba Sanskrit Series
Foremost publishers of Sanskrit text in Varanasi since 1892. Subject catalogues, search and some ordering facilities.

Khemraj Shrikrishnadass
Proprietors of the historical Veṅkateśvar Steam Press, established in 1871 with «the sole aim of publishing all extant Sanskrit and Hindi works of outstanding merit”. Partial catalogues and ordering facilities.

Munshiram Manoharlal
Indological publishers since 1952. Online subject catalogue, search and ordering facilities, and downloadable Sarasvatī newsletter.

Sundeep Prakashan
Started a quarter of a century ago as a publishing company specializing in Indological books. Online subject catalogues, search and shopping facilities.

The Gita Press
Founded in 1923 with the main objective “to promote and spread the principles of Sanatana Dharma ... by publishing Gita, Ramayana, Upanishads, Puranas, Discourses of eminent Saints and other character-building books & magazines and marketing them at highly subsidised prices”. Online catalogue and shopping, complimentary download of Bhāgavad Gītā.

Vedams - Academic Books from India
Delhi based international booksellers. Extensive subject catalogues providing detailed descriptions including the complete table of contents and excerpts from the jacket/preface of individual book. Secure online ordering facilities, free airmail delivery or optional DHL service at nominal charge.

D. K. Agencies
Leading Indian academic booksellers, providing books/monographs, journals/serials and multimedia in English, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Hindi and other Indian languages, with on-line ordering and search facility.

Saujanya Books
Indian booksellers specializing in Tibetan publications. The website features comprehensive subject catalogues of English, Hindi, Sanskrit and Tibetan books, search and shopping facilities. The catalogue of Tibetan texts comes up to several hundreds of titles.

Bagchee Associates
General interest booksellers and subscription agents offering Indian publications in many languages, including Tibetan works from India, Bhutan and Nepal. Online catalogues including several indological subjects, search and shopping facilities.

K. K. Agencies
The (would-be) “largest cyberstore for Indian books”, offering mainly English language titles published in India on a wide variety of subjects, with on-line browsing, search and ordering facilities.

Eastern Book Corporation
Booksellers specializing in indological books. Category indexes, search and online ordering facilities.

Books and Periodicals Agency
Subject catalogues of books in English, Hindi and Sanskrit with keyword search and ordering facilities.

Barnes & Noble
An excellent online bookstore, also featuring a very useful service for procuring out-of-print books.

The world’s biggest bookstore on the net. Only English books.

Brill Academic Publishers
The site of the well-known European academic publishing house (established in Leiden - Netherlands in 1683), with on line catalogues, book-search and book-ordering facilities.

Indologische Buchhandlung
German indological booksellers, keeping a sizeable stock of books (deliverable in 2-3 days) from leading Indian publishers including Motilal Banarsidass.

Asian Rare Books
A few catalogues and links.

Smitskamp Oriental Antiquarium
«The World’s Oldest Company of Out-of-print and Rare Books on Asia» (formerly part of Brill). Extensive catalogues and subject listings (but mainly on Near, Central and Far East).

Libreria specializzata in tradizione ed esoterismo occidentale e orientale (e altri soggetti pittoreschi...). Cataloghi on-line di case editrici italiane, francesi e indiane (Motilal Banarsidass, Munshiram Manoharlal, Indian Concil of Philosophical Research (ICPR), Project of History of Indian Science, Philosophy and Culture (PHISPC), Bhisma’s Study).

Libreria universitaria on-line.

Search engine for new, used, rare and out-of-print books with price comparison among different sources. Features a list of online bookstores.

Another book search engine.

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