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 The Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) (New Delhi)
A multimedia site, designed to serve as a major resource centre for the arts, especially written, oral and visual materials. Includes sections on exhibitions, textual and lifestyle studies, reference and digital lbrary.

 The Archaeological Survey of India
The site of the premier organization for the archaeological research and protection of the cultural heritage of India, with sections on monuments, excavations, museums, publications and other activities. Featuring photo galleries, videos and walk-throughs of the world-heritage sites.

 The Art of India (Chris Witcombe)
A section of The Art History Resources on the Web. Specimens of artworks with introductory papers.

 The Huntington Archive of Buddhist and Related Art (John and Susan Huntington)
Photo documentation, visual resources, on-line exhibitions and related links.

 TempleNet - The Indian Temple Homepage (K. Kannikeswaran )
Besides sections on travel and tourism, myths and legends, festivals and fairs, the core of the site is the Templenet Encyclopaedia, claiming to provide pointers to more than two thousand temples with feature articles about their artistic, historical and religious significance.

 ArtIndia Net
A site on performing and allied arts launched and maintained by the performing artists' community of india. Sujects include classical dance and music, puppetry, cinema, books, video, media etc.

 Black Peacock Gallery
Miniatures and paintings with introductory essays in a beautiful graphical layout.

 Asian Arts
An on-line journal for the study and exhibition of the arts of Asia.

 HolyIndia.org (Radha Raman Das)
An interactive repository of information (in english and tamil) on sacred places all over India.

 Asian Historical Architecture (Tim Ciccone & Abraham Ahn)
“Thousands of online photos of historical architecture in Asia from China, Japan, North & South Korea, Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal, India, Pakistan, & Afghanistan”.

 Scaffold - WWW Architectural Project
The lower level of the scaffold is devoted to Indian architecture, with drawings and details on the construction of sabhā, vedi, prasāda, yantra and maṇḍala.

Indian archelogy and heritage on-line.

 IDEA (Colorado College et al.)
An Image Database to Enhance Asian Studies.

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 Krishna Art (Hare Krishna)
A substantial collection of devotional images of Viṣṇu-Kṛṣṇa, his forms, avatāras and related myths.

 Hindu Images Gallery (Mohan)
Images of hindu deities and links to kindred sites.

 Hindu Shakta Homepage (V. V. Rukmani)
A collection of images of the Goddess in different temples all over India “from Kanyakumari to Kamakhya”.

 The Avatars Site
Myths, iconography, anniversary days and theological details about Viṣṇu's avatāras.

Top Mythology and Iconography Directories and Link Pages

 The Internet Indian History Sourcebook (Paul Halsall)
A wealth of documents, images, links to resources on every period of Indian history from the Indus Valley civilization to present times.

 WWW Virtual Library: History: India
A tree-index of sites broadly pertaining to Indian history, categorized by period, area and topics.

 NM's Creative Impulse - India (Nancy B. Mautz)
The Indian section of an astounding site listing hundreds of annotated resources on world civilizations.

 Pancanga (M. Yano - M. Fushimi)
An online program to convert between Indian and Gregorian calendar dates.

 Maps of India
A full panoply of maps of the states and union territories of India.

An awesome site featuring multimedial glimpses of pre-1947 South Asia, with a special section devoted to the Indus valley civilization.

Top History and Geography Miscellany

 Archive of Indological Resources Online (Gudrun Bühnemann)
Categories include: Sanskrit Studies [i. e. academic institutions offering Sanskrit courses worldwide], Associations, Home-study, Texts & Language Links, Dictionaries & Glossaries, Transliteration Fonts, Art & Iconography, Buddhist Traditions, Hindu Traditions, Tantrism, Yoga, Other Indian Religions, Groups & Libraries, Journals, Newspapers& Magazines, Publishers & Booksellers.

 Hindu Bibliography (Garin-Michaud Roger)
A huge list of available books on Indian culture, with links to on-line booksellers where available. Last updated in 2001.

 Buddhist Bibliography (Garin-Michaud Roger)
Full listings of works in English, French, German, Sanskrit and Tibetan (also in ZIP format). Last updated in 2001.

 Academic Info (Mike Madin)
“An online subject directory of over 25,000 hand-picked educational resources for high school and college students”.

 Yoga Directory (Robert Wisehart)
A classified directory of publications, institutes, associations, organizations, resources on different yoga traditions and more.

All around Hinduism (Ananda)
Plenty of categorized links to resources on Hinduism.

  4/10/2013 El Portal de la India Antigua (Alejandro Gutmann)
Geografía, historia, religiones y lenguajes de la India antigua, con centenares de enlaces a libros y artículos y más.

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 Tuepfli’s Global Village Library (Margarete & Alois Payer)
Dem “in drei (d.h. der biologischen, virtuellen u. memischen) Existenzebenen existierenden” Kater Tuepfli gewidmet, die Bibliothek enthält u. a. Abteilungen zur Buddhismus, Hinduismus u. Sanskrit.

 India Heritage - A Living Portrait of India
A comprehensive website «devoted to presenting information on the many facets of Indian heritage and culture i.e. arts, crafts, religion, philosophy, history, traditions, travel and more...».

 The Hindu Universe (GHEN - Global Hindu Electronic Network)
A huge all-round site covering almost every aspect of Hindu culture.

 Navagraha (S. Kalyanaraman)
Indian astrology, planet and sun temples and prayers.

 Hindu Calendar
Traditional pañcāṅga calendar with hindu festivities.

 Tamil Nation
«A growing togetherness of more than seventy million Tamil people living in many lands and across distant seas».

 Hindi: the Language of Songs (Y. Malaiya)
History, geography, dialects, authors, songs and miscellaneous resources.

 Plants of Kālidāsa’s Meghadūta (Tomomi Sato)
“This website introduces the plants mentioned in the poem. Each page has an illustration of the flower, botanic description, verses that contain the flower and their translation, and a recording of the chanting of the verse”.

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