What is new in Jambudvipa
(Routine updates to the guide are not recorded)

  22 october 2012
  • The “blurbs” of the thematic sections of past courses of Sanskrit Religion and Literature have been posted in “Past syllabi (Syllabi)i”
28 february 2009
  • The PDF text of the Introduction to my translation of Bhāsa's Svapnavasavadattā has been posted in "Writings on Poetry & Literature (Essays & Papers)"
7 february 2009
  • Changed behaviour of menus on home page to open in same window.
  • Background made to fit on large screens.
  • The illustrated text of my paper on “La terrasanta del Monte Ābū tra passato mitico e realtà presente” [“The holy land of Mount Ābū between mythical past and present reality”] has been posted in “Writings on Religion & Mythology (Essays & Papers)”.
29 april 2008
  • Short introductory article on Sanskrit has been added to home page.
  • Direct access to PDFs (no more redirecting).
19 april 2008
  • Section “Essays & Papers” (“Saggi e articoli”) has been rearranged.
  • The PDF text of my paper on “India: amor sacro e amor profano” [“India: Love Sacred and Profane”] has been posted in “Writings on Poetry & Literature (Essays & Papers)”.
  • The PDF text of my paper on “La risposta di un gimnosofista al quesito di Alessandro sull’origine del tempo: dottrina indiana?” [“Does the gymnosophist’s reply to Alexander’s question on the origin of time indeed reflect an Indian doctrine?”] has been posted in “Writings on Philosophy (Essays & Papers)”.
2 april 2008
  • Major restyling of the home page and structure of the site.
  • A new section on Yoga has been added.
  • Two articles on “Breve storia del Prāṇa” [“A short history of Prāṇa”] and “Yama e Niyama” have been posted in ‘Yoga’.
  • The display font has been changed to Gentium Basic, a beta-release that while still incomplete has the advantage of offering bold and bold-italic styles which are currently missing in the fuller Gentium font. The Gentium Basic font is freely available for download from Sil International, or directly form Jambudvipa’s homepage. Users are advised to update to the new font for a better viewing experience, though the old one (or other Unicode fonts like the Induni suite) will still work.
29 april 2007
  • The PDF text of my paper on “Il maestro, il pupillo e la pupilla tra India e Grecia” [“Master and (eye’s) pupil between India and Greece”] has been posted in ‘Papers’.
12 september 2006
  • Dynamic font technology (see below 16 september 2000) has been abandoned owing to lack of support by mayor browsers. The site now relies on Unicode to represent diacritics correctly. Few among the available Unicode fonts, however, include all necessary glyphs required for the transliteration of Indic languages. The site has been designed to be viewed with Gentium, a beautiful typeface originally designed by Victor Gaultney and currently made available by SIL International under the SIL Open Font Licence. The font may be downloaded from Jambudvipa or from SIL International. (Of course, it must be installed on the system in order to view the pages :-) Besides Gentium, other suitable fonts include among others the Induni suites and Gandhari Unicode.
9 november 2002
  • A site search facility has been implemented in the “Query” section.
  • The Italian homepage has been slightly redesigned.
30 october 2002
  • A new section “Mulagrantha” has been added, and the homepage accordingly rearranged.
  • E-text of Somadeva’s Vetalapancavimsati has been uploaded to the section “Mulagrantha”
30 december 2001
  • The section on indological writings has been split according to language.
  • Abstracts of my papers on “The development of tejas”, “Uttanka’s quest, “The gymnosophists and the origin of time”, “Floodlighting the deluge” and “Parasurama’s rise to avatara-hood” have been added to the English section.
  • A preview of my book Vasavadatta in sogno and full text of my paper “I dadi e la scacchiera: visioni indiane del tempo” have been added to the Italian section.
  • Section “Personalia” has been redesigned.
  • Minor facelifts.
7 november 2001
  • Facilities for on-line ordering of my books Yogasutra and L’Arbudakhanda dello Skandapurana have been added in ‘Essays’ .
  • Italian home page added.
13 august 2001
  • The syllabus for the a.a. 2001/2002 class of Sanskrit Language and Literature has been posted and the section thoroughly redesigned.
12 march 2001
  • The site has moved to a new host under its own domain “jambudvipa.net”.
  • The homepage has been redesigned for faster loading and better readability.
18 september 2000
  • The PDF text of my paper on “I dadi e la scacchiera. Visioni indiane del tempo” [“Dice and chessboard. Indian visions of time”] has been posted in the texts section.
  • An HTML abstract of my paper on “The Development of tejas from the Vedas to the Puranas” has been posted in the texts section.
16 september 2000
  • This section about “what is new” has been added.
  • The syllabus for the a.a. 2000/2001 class of Sanskrit Language and Literature has been posted.
  • The papers in PDF format have been transferred to a faster server and should now be easily accessible. Please report any further malfunctionings.
  • The site features dynamic fonts to enable viewing of diacritical marks. The transliteration fonts work well with Bitstream’s TrueDoc Portable Font Resource (PFR) technology bundled with Netscape Communicator, but not so, as far as my own experience goes, with Microsoft’s Embedded Open Type (EOT). For this reason, support of PFR for Microsoft Explorer users has been added. If you are one, you will be asked permission (just once) to install Bitstream's Font Displayer. For optimal viewing, though, Netscape 4 (not 6) is definitely recommended.

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